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Sorry about that. I was in a hurry to answer since I just went through this and
wanted Nick to know deleting equities was not required.

I completely agree with cascading equity closures as part of closing an
account. This can be annoying if you have a bunch of equities in an old account
that you close, which I did recently. Plus I don't do it often so I forget
about this requirement.

I agree with Jack and would be very careful about doing this when deleting
accounts. Not only is it final, it's also likely to affect other account
balances, which may not be obvious to the user until it's too late.

Closing accounts seems to be fairly common, I have a lot more closed accounts
than open accounts in my 15 year old KMM file.

The only time I have ever deleted an account was when I created the wrong type
of account or did something else wrong. It's either barely used or I move the
transactions to a properly created account first.

Given the recent discussion about deleting accounts that Jack was helping a
user with, I think a cascading delete could do a lot more harm than good. I
think he would have deleted the account and then found out what that means the
hard way. Maybe a setting to enable both options is a good compromise.

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