Questions on Reports: Account Balances by Type, and how to modify

Jack ostroffjh at
Thu Dec 3 19:00:45 GMT 2020

The Account Balances by Type report shows a date range at the top.  Is  
the range really relevant at all?  Isn't this report showing the status  
at a single time - the end of that range?

If not - why?  If so, I know it's just a cosmetic change.

Additional question:  I'd like to have a modified version of this  
report, but the change is in the grouping.  I'd like to show the stock  
values grouped by investment account, not individual security, and I'd  
also like to separate pre- and post-retirement accounts (investment and  
brokerage accounts).   I suppose I could could create top level  
institutions for both of those, and rearrange my whole account  
hierarchy, but would hope there is an easier way, even if it involves  
actually creating a new report.  Is there perhaps a wish-list bug here  
to add a pre/post retirement boolean attribute to accounts?

(Explanation, in case not everyone makes the distinction: in the US,  
certain retirement accounts have special tax handling - you can  
contribute a limited amount pre-tax, and then pay taxes only when you  
withdraw after retirement.  There is also a newer type of account,  
where you contribute after taxes, but then pay NO taxes on withdrawal -  
either capital or growth.)


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