Trying to Open File with 5.1 Saved with Master Provides Error

Joel Madero jmadero at
Sun Aug 2 00:09:22 BST 2020

Hi All,

Due to investments being totally broken in master build I decided to go
back to 5.1 to update my account. I know about the general "do not use
master for production" but I do so knowing the risk in order to fully
provide QA for open source software.

When I try to do anything with my saved kmymoney file in 5.1 (saved
using the master build) I get the following error:

Uncaught error. Please report the details to the developers

Node was not TRANSACTION in file
line 53

If this is a planned non-backward-compatibility bug I think that
KMyMoney devs really should put a massive warning on savings files using
the master build. If it's unintentional, I'm happy to help debug
provided instructions.

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