[kmymoney] [Bug 424903] Split Transaction with a tag displays as a deposit instead of payment under Tag view

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Sat Aug 1 20:37:52 BST 2020


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--- Comment #1 from Jack <ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net> ---
This was recently discussed in a similar bug.  Whenever you view a ledger like
display, it is important to be sure of the context.  Unfortunately, when
viewing the ledger for a Category, the dropdown at the top is not updated to
show the Category name, but still shows whatever Account was previously
displayed in the ledger.  Whether a split is a deposit or withdrawal (payment
or expense) depends on which side you are considering.  Especially with split
transactions, Any withdrawal/expense from one of your accounts is a
deposit/payment from the perspective of the Category.  In addition, the Tags
View is showing all splits with that tag.  The Balance there is not very
meaningful, as each split could be for an account or category, where the ins
and outs do seem reversed.
If this doesn't explain it sufficiently, please provide a more concrete example
naming all accounts, payees, and categories for all splits.  Also please be
careful with terminology.  A transaction may be split, and a tag may be applied
to a transaction or to a single split.  Tags are not split.

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