Stable Branch 5.0 now requires AqBanking6

Thomas Baumgart thb at
Sat Sep 14 13:08:39 BST 2019

Hi all,

I just committed the initial integration of AqBanking6 into the stable branch. German users will require this for online banking, since a 2FA during login is initially required as of today. The build system makes sure that you have the most recent version of AqBanking installed.

As a side effect, the author of AqBanking has changed the format the memo field is filled from the transaction data during download. This may initially lead to duplicate transactions (mostly for users with German banks using the HBCI/FinTS protocol suite). If you spot those, simply remove the old one.

Once I find a bit more time, I will merge this into master as well.

Have a nice weekend




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