KMyMoney 5.0.5 released

Jack ostroffjh at
Thu Jul 11 03:52:26 BST 2019

When the master and 5.0 branches are fairly close, as they are, things 
like bug fixes can be committed to either and then copied to the other 
branch, without a problem.  Things can get tricky when some major change 
has been introduced to master branch. so some bug fix to 5.0 no longer 
applies cleanly to master because the relevant code base has changed.  
In fact, it then is possible that a bug fix to 5.0 is not even relevant 
in master, if the relevant code has changed enough.

On 7/10/19 9:02 PM, Brendan Coupe wrote:
> That's what I thought but I thought some of the recent changes Thomas
> made for me ended up in the 5.0 branch before they made it to the
> Master branch.
> ----
> Brendan Coupe
> On Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 12:19 PM Doug Lytle <support at> wrote:
>> Master would be cutting edge, and the 5.x series would be considered stable,
>> Doug

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