KMyMoney 5.0.5 released

Thomas Baumgart thb at
Wed Jul 10 14:36:55 BST 2019

The KMyMoney development team today announces the immediate availability of version 5.0.5 of its open source Personal Finance Manager.

After three months it is now ready: KMyMoney 5.0.5 comes with some important bugfixes. As usual, problems have been reported by our users and the development team worked hard to fix them in the meantime. The result of this effort is the brand new KMyMoney 5.0.5 release. The source is available at 

Despite even more testing we understand that some bugs may have slipped past our best efforts. If you find one of them, please forgive us, and be sure to report it, either to the mailing list or on

>From here, we will continue to fix reported bugs, and working to add many requested additions and enhancements, as well as further improving performance.

Please feel free to visit our overview page of the CI builds at and maybe try out the lastest and greatest by using a daily crafted AppImage version build from the stable branch at .

Here is the list of the bugs which have been fixed. A list of all changes between v5.0.4 and v5.0.5 can be found in the ChangeLog.

368159 Report Transactions by Payee omits transactions lacking category
390681 OFX import and unrecognized <FITID> tag
392305 Not all Asset accounts are shown during OFX import
396225 When importing a ofx/qif file, it does not show me all my accounts
396978 Stable xml file output
400761 Cannot open files on MacOS
401397 kmymoney changes group permissions
403745 in import dialog, newly-created account doesn't appear in pulldown menu
403825 Transaction validity filter is reset when re-opening configuration
403826 Transactions without category assignment are not shown in report
403885 Buying / selling investments interest / fees round to 2 decimal places even when currency is to 6 decimal places
403886 No way to set/change investment start date in investment wizard
403955 After an action, the cursor returns to top of page and does not remain in a similar position to when action was started
404156 Can't select many columns as memo
404848 Crash on "Enter Next Transcation"
405061 No chart printing support
405329 CPU loop reconciling if all transactions are cleared
405817 CSV importer trailing lines are treated as absolute lines
405828 Budget problems
405928 Loss of inserted data in transaction planner
406073 Change of forecast method is not reflected in forecast view
406074 Unused setting "Forecast (history)" for home view
406220 Crash when deleting more than 5000 transactions at once
406509 "Find Transaction..." dialog focus is on "Help" button instead of "Find"
406525 Subtotals are not correctly aggregated when (sub-)categories have the same name
406537 Encrypted file cannot be saved as unencrypted
406608 Custom report based on Annual Budget incorrectly getting Actuals
406714 Home view shows budget header twice

Here is the list of the enhancements which have been added:

341589 Cannot assign tag to a split 



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