[kmymoney] [Bug 407902] KMyMoney crashes in LEAP15.1

Thomas Baumgart bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Fri Jul 5 08:30:16 BST 2019


--- Comment #24 from Thomas Baumgart <tbaumgart at kde.org> ---
I installed a Leap 15.1 system yesterday and took the chance to check what is
going on. Using Plasma (I do not have XFCE) I started KMyMoney for the very
first time. As described in this bug, the application crashed after selecting
the storage method.

Then I started KMyMoney with the -n option which was successful. Also using
File/Open to load the previously created file worked fine. From then on,
starting KMyMoney was no problem. To me this sounds like a first time problem,
which I still have to investigate. Can you verify, that this workaround also
helps in the XFCE case?

OT: How would I get XFCE to the list of available DE during login on Leap 15.1?
I see Plasma, Plasma (Wayland), TWM??, but no XFCE? In case you know, please
tell me so that I can get it up and running here.

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