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Tue Jul 2 10:49:40 BST 2019


I am attempting to uninstall KMyMoney so I can do a clean reinstall. 

I received a patch and wanted to test it but it was not picking up on
the patch. Now it seems that I may have mulitple versions of KMymoney

I am using KDE Plasma. When I look at the application dashboard, I can
see KMyMoney on there. I can click on it and it launches. Howver,
Discover and Gnome Software Center do not recognize it as installed.
This makes me think I must have installed it manually at some point in
my testing. 

Either way, I want to start clean. I want remove all versions of
KMyMoney and start again. I have found that the launcher is executing
KMyMoney from 


What put it there, do I only need to remove the executable or are there
other things I need to remove? 

My theory, is that while I was trying to learn to compile the program,
I may have installed it (make install) and then blew away my
workspace.. (along with the manifest file) and now I cannot run a make
uninstall. :) Just my theory since neither Discover nor Gnome Software
Cneter, nor dnf can find KMyMoney installed. 

Let me know if there is a list of file I need to delete to remove

All this started because I had KMyMoney installed originally as a user.
Then I wanted to work on a bug I ran into and felt like I should get
rid of the Original KMyMoney version I installed from the repos and
only run the compiled program from the git repos. 

Basically I made a mess. Any help would be appreciated.



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