Help to make tab key work in kcurrencycalculator and in budget window

José Arthur Benetasso Villanova jose.arthur at
Mon Feb 25 12:14:15 GMT 2019


I'm trying to make the tab key work properly in kcurrencycalculator and in
budget windows, specially in the budget, that I'm using heavily those days.

I tried to put code this code in KCurrencyCalculatorPrivate or some
variation of this, but without any effect:

diff --git a/kmymoney/dialogs/kcurrencycalculator.cpp
index bf5874d2e..19eb744b9 100644
--- a/kmymoney/dialogs/kcurrencycalculator.cpp
+++ b/kmymoney/dialogs/kcurrencycalculator.cpp
@@ -73,6 +73,11 @@ public:
+      qq->setTabOrder(ui->m_amountButton, ui->m_toAmount);
+      qq->setTabOrder(ui->m_toAmount, ui->m_dateEdit);
+      qq->setTabOrder(ui->m_dateEdit, ui->m_updateButton);
+      qq->setTabOrder(ui->m_updateButton, ui->buttonBox);


How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance.

José Arthur Benetasso Villanova
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