[kmymoney] [Bug 403877] Program crashed; won't re-launch; provides error message

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output of "xmllint --noout peter.xml"

When I open the xml file with a text editor, I find that "A000083" occurs 18
times. This is the context of the first occurrence:

  <ACCOUNT lastmodified="2014-07-30" institution="" opened="1900-01-01"
currency="GBP" id="A000082" parentaccount="AStd::Income" lastreconciled=""
description="" number="" type="12" name="Pay">
    <SUBACCOUNT id="A000083"/>
    <SUBACCOUNT id="A000108"/>
    <SUBACCOUNT id="A000161"/>
    <SUBACCOUNT id="A000163"/>

Comparing the subsequent occurrences with my backed-up version of the .kmy
file, it seems that they all refer to deposits into my current account, where
there are two "<SPLIT action="s e.g.:
  <TRANSACTION id="T000000000000000546" entrydate="2010-12-31"
postdate="2009-01-21" memo="SFRB01" commodity="GBP">
    <SPLIT action="" id="S0001" value="400/1" payee="P000197" reconciledate=""
number="" shares="400/1" account="A000060" bankid="2009-01-21-4fbeb77-1"
reconcileflag="2" memo="SFRB01"/>
    <SPLIT action="" id="S0002" value="-400/1" payee="" reconciledate=""
number="" shares="-400/1" account="A000083" bankid="" reconcileflag="2"


 <TRANSACTION id="T000000000000000559" entrydate="2010-12-31"
postdate="2009-01-30" memo="" commodity="GBP">
    <SPLIT action="" id="S0001" value="836/1" payee="P000198" reconciledate=""
number="" shares="836/1" account="A000060" bankid="2009-01-30-3846fc7-1"
reconcileflag="2" memo=""/>
    <SPLIT action="" id="S0002" value="-836/1" payee="" reconciledate=""
number="" shares="-836/1" account="A000083" bankid="" reconcileflag="2"

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