OFX import skipping most transactions

Jack Ostroff ostroffjh at aya.yale.edu
Sat Feb 2 21:17:53 GMT 2019

Hello all,

I'm trying to reconcile some accounts, and find there are numerous  
transactions listed online and in my pdf statement, which have not been  
imported.  I see them in ofxlog.txt and in a manually downloaded ofx  
file, but not in the kmm-statement file.  This seems to have started  
some time within the past month.  I know I've been testing multiple  
versions of multiple libraries, but as far as I can tell, everything is  
now appropriately up to date.  Libofx is 0.9.13 including the three  
patches from libofx PR 13, which I have been using for at least several  
months.   This is all with 5.0 git head, which is what I've mostly been  
using for some months.  Same results with 5.0.3.  To test 5.0.2, I  
would have to downgrade libalkimia.

I don't see any command line output about errors or transactions being  
ignored for any reason.

Can anyone suggest anything stupid I might have done in terms of  
configuration?  This is an investment account, but things like checks  
and payments and deposits from the brokerage account have previously  
imported without problem - now they seem to be silently ignored.

Thanks for any suggestions on where else to look.


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