[kmymoney] [Bug 398410] KMyMoney crashes when trying to save entries back to DB Backend

Eleazar bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Mon Oct 1 03:35:13 BST 2018


--- Comment #19 from Eleazar <eaglexboy at gmail.com> ---
I pulled the latest code. Uninstall installed version and rebuild with today's
commit (Version 5.0.2-73dc6c0e) I opened the test file and tried to save it to
the DB and it crashed again.

Std out:
libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate
WebConnect: Try to connect to WebConnect server
WebConnect: Connect to server failed
WebConnect: Running in server mode
Plugins: budgetview loaded
Plugins: checkprinting loaded
Plugins: csvexporter loaded
Plugins: csvimporter loaded
Plugins: forecastview loaded
Plugins: gncimporter loaded
Plugins: icalendarexporter loaded
Plugins: kbanking loaded
KBankingPlugin: No AqB4 config found.
KBankingPlugin: No AqB3 config found.
Plugins: kbanking pluged
Plugins: ofximporter loaded
Plugins: onlinejoboutboxview loaded
Plugins: qifexporter loaded
Plugins: qifimporter loaded
Plugins: reconciliation report loaded
Plugins: reportsview loaded
Plugins: sqlstorage loaded
Plugins: weboob loaded
Plugins: xmlstorage loaded
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
kf5.kio.core: KSambaShare: Could not find smb.conf!
reading file
start parsing file
reading securities
Cost center model created with items 0
Payees model created with items 0
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Backtrack/Core Dump:

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