[kmymoney] [Bug 391932] Google source of stock quotes quit

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Tue Mar 27 01:46:03 UTC 2018


--- Comment #7 from lp.allard.1 at gmail.com ---
OK the fix at https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=142713&start=15 worked
for Yahoo!

Now Globe & mail ceased to work.  Pathetic.  They changed their URL's, they
used to use numeric identifiers (like theglobeandmail.com/lablabla/12345) now
they are using theglobeandmail.com/investing/markets/funds/AIM9967.CF/

Just changing the ticker ID in the investment doesnt work.  They must have
changed the REGEX as well.

I STRONGLY recommend the KMM devs implement a REGEX Wiki that will be actively
maintained for the most popular price sources (google, globe and mail, Yahoo,
etc).  Once a source stops to work, we could go to the wiki and see if
something changed.  Right now this is impossible there's info on forums, here
in multiple tickets, etc...

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