[kmymoney] [Bug 392165] Join multiple cells in one field when importing CSV

Florian Lindner bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Thu Mar 22 21:47:46 UTC 2018


--- Comment #5 from Florian Lindner <florian.lindner at xgm.de> ---
>> 1) are there three notes columns in every line in the file?  If so, good, and read on.  If not, then the different lines are of different lengths, and you would need to pre-process, in which case you could just combine them before importing. <<

It's a fixed number of cols for the notes field, yes.

>> 2) I am not able to test this myself now, but have you read the manual section:
which does say you can select more than one column for the memo field?  Does it
not work, or did you just not try it yet? <<

Hadn't read it, I must admit. It says:

"It is possible to select more than one column for the Memo field, by
consecutive selections. Memo columns already selected are marked in the
drop-down with an asterisk (*). If you select multiple columns in this way,
their contents will be concatenated in the Memo field."

However, I see no way to select multiple cols. There is a dropdown field with
numbers 1 to N (N is number of cols). When I make consecutive selections, I see
no asterisk mark there, or anything else that marks the previous selection. I
can also mark the cols in the field, but there is no way to actually select
them as import source for a field. Using Ctrl key on the dropdown field also
does not help to make multiple selections.

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