[kmymoney] [Bug 389687] kmymoney: sigsev since 2d3c8b6e981b135be8a0a206b998539fbacdb689

José Pekkarinen bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Wed Jan 31 19:38:15 UTC 2018


--- Comment #7 from José Pekkarinen <koalinux at gmail.com> ---

$ ls -la /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/kmymoney/weboob.so                              
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3156968 Jan  5 13:03

# rm /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/kmymoney/weboob.so

$ kmymoney
Using Wayland-EGL                                                               
WebConnect: Try to connect to WebConnect server                                 
WebConnect: Connect to server failed                                            
WebConnect: Starting server failed. Try to remove stale socket.                 
WebConnect: Running in server mode                                              
Plugins: checkprinting loaded                                                   
QIODevice::read (QFile, "/usr/share/kmm_printcheck/check_template.html"):
device not open                                                                 
Plugins: csvexporter loaded                                                     
Plugins: csvimporter loaded                                                     
Plugins: gncimporter loaded
Plugins: icalendarexporter loaded
Plugins: qifexporter loaded
Plugins: qifimporter loaded
Plugins: reconciliation report loaded
Cost center model created with items 0
Payees model created with items 0
reading file
start parsing file
reading securities
Plugins: checkprinting unloaded
Plugins: csvexporter unloaded
Plugins: csvimporter unloaded
Plugins: gncimporter unloaded
Plugins: icalendarexporter unloaded
Plugins: qifexporter unloaded
Plugins: qifimporter unloaded
Plugins: reconciliation report unloaded



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