[kmymoney] [Bug 389687] kmymoney: sigsev since 2d3c8b6e981b135be8a0a206b998539fbacdb689

Thomas Baumgart bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Wed Jan 31 15:35:33 UTC 2018


--- Comment #4 from Thomas Baumgart <tbaumgart at kde.org> ---
As long as you see the line

Plugins: printcheck loaded

it finds and loads the old plugin. You may consult the strace output again to
check where that comes from. For me it looks as follows (I have all available
plugins installed):

WebConnect: Try to connect to WebConnect server
WebConnect: Connect to server failed
WebConnect: Running in server mode
Plugins: checkprinting loaded
Plugins: csvexporter loaded
Plugins: csvimporter loaded
Plugins: gncimporter loaded
Plugins: icalendarexporter loaded
Plugins: kbanking loaded
Plugins: kbanking pluged
Plugins: ofximporter loaded
Plugins: qifexporter loaded
Plugins: qifimporter loaded
Plugins: reconciliation report loaded
Plugins: weboob loaded

You can resolve the message

QIODevice::read (QFile, "/usr/share/kmm_printcheck/check_template.html"):
device not open

once the application is running in the settings of the checkprinting plugin by
entering the correct name (should be

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