[kmymoney] [Bug 389286] Inconsistency between creation and editing of a scheduled transaction (with amount equal to 0)

Philippe Martin bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Wed Jan 24 14:52:05 UTC 2018


--- Comment #4 from Philippe Martin <philippe.martin.55 at sfr.fr> ---
(In reply to Jack from comment #3)
> I just tried this in 4.8.1 on Linux, and I am not able to even create a
> scheduled transaction with an amount of $0 whether or not I check for
> varying amount.  Is there any reason this should be different on Windows?

I am using version 4.8.0; dunno if it makes a difference (actually, I have been
creating scheduled transactions with 0 amount for *years* with previous
> Are you trying to edit the scheduled transaction (to change something other
> than the amount?) or are you talking about actually entering a transaction?  
In fact, I always do the same mistake: when I wish to enter a transaction, I
double-click on it (instead of right clicking, so I am in fact in the process
of editing the scheduled transaction while I think I am entering a
transaction); I set the date and amount, and (bingo!) I end up with an updated
scheduled transaction with an amount that is no longer 0... and I cannot reset
it to 0

Don't ask me why I insist on having a scheduled transaction with 0 amount :-).
I am used to do it this way, they are sort of "highlighted" in the list and
since the amount is highly variable, using 0 is the most sensible value (IMHO).
I was curious to understand the different behavior of the software when
creating or when editing (and pleaaaaaaase do not make it consistent by
removing the possibility of creating a scheduled transaction with 0 amount!)

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