Error Connecting to MySQL DB

Tony Bloomfield tonyb.lx at
Mon Feb 26 11:28:37 UTC 2018

As the original developer of the DB interface, I'm interested in this
thread. I had a similar problem to the OP when I tried 4.8 under
Windows, but when I tried looking a bit at the code, I found it had
changed so much since I was last involved, and unfortunately didn't have
much time available to try relearning!

But as a general point, the original design tried to distinguish between
application version updates and database version changes (though
normally these would go step in step). To this end, the kmmFileInfo
table contains a 'version' and a 'fixlevel' column; IIRC, the former
indicated the database version and the latter corresponds to the
application version. If the database layout changes in any way, the
database version number should be updated. When an existing  database is
opened, the database manager should detect the change in version and
create/delete/alter any tables/columns as required.

As for naming a column 'order', I'm at a loss to understand how that
worked, because I'm pretty sure that's a reserved word in all versions
of SQL!



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