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In retrospect I didn't describe this very well and it is too long ago to recall
details of a feature that was not workable for me so I processed data entry out
of the program. Let me explain it like this:

Efficient keyboard entry (without mouse) is critical. I have used Quickbooks so
I'll demonstrate with an example using direct entry into the ledger using this
Keystrokes are also very similar on the deposit/ withdrawal/ cheque/ invoice/
transfer form.

After a transaction is accepted new transaction form lines are generated with
the current date the user is up to. The cursor is on Payee and user enters as
much as is required to select the payee from a list. If enter is pressed the
the record is accepted, alternatively the user can change the amount and press
enter or tab around the other fields, including the splits and tax, and press
enter or escape to finish the record. There are other keyboard shortcuts on the
form too.

The process is the same for auto-fill except the Payee is already entered and
the amount is selected so it can be changed, accepted or other details changed.
(eg enter to except transaction at current date user is up to or a few
keystrokes to change amount then enter to accept transaction.)

I realised the KMM fields are entered in a different order but the (old?)
Quickbooks interface works with fields most likely to change being entered
increasing the likelihood that other field data can be accepted first.

I'd be more than happy to collaborate on improving the data entry but I'd need
a template to code it.

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