Problem with documentation translations

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Sun Feb 4 16:24:22 UTC 2018

Thomas Baumgart ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I am currently trying to verify the release tar-ball for the KMyMoney 5.0 
> release and run into an i18n related problem which I probably cannot solve 
> without your help. Whereas some of the translations compiled without a 
> problem, the Italian one is failing.

Remove the Italian index.docbook; it's not complete anyway.
> Anyone an idea of what can cause this? I double-checked the repo-metadata and 
> it looks good to me, but I am not an expert on this. Could it be related to my 
> environment? Any input is welcome as this is holding up the release so far.

repo-metadata is not related to this.
> Is there a way to skip specific translations as a last resort?

Remove the index.docbook of the translation and do not ship it.

> [  0%] Generating po/it/docs/kmymoney/kmymoney.1
> Note: Writing kmymoney.1
> [  0%] Built target po-it-docs-kmymoney-kmymoney-1
> [  0%] Generating po/it/docs/kmymoney/index.cache.bz2
> reference.docbook:866: parser error : Entity 'Ins' not defined
>> &Ctrl;&Ins;</keycombo
>             ^

The Ins entity is available for Italian from KDocTools 5.30.


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