Currency issue: was: New file setup question

Thomas Baumgart thb at
Sat Feb 3 15:02:01 UTC 2018

On Freitag, 2. Februar 2018 15:53:58 CET Jack wrote:

> > On 2018.02.01 17:21, Jack wrote:
> >> On 2018.02.01 09:47, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> >>> Done, now in git 5.0
> > 
> > Well,  something is very strange.  If I use the new KMM (just
> > compiled from 5.0 branch head) to open my old personal kmy file, and
> > then look at Tools/Currencies, I see a single, sorted, sortable list
> > with the odd Symbol for Austrian Schilling.  If I click "+ Add" I see
> > a single sorted list, with correct values (ATS and ÖS) for Austrian
> > schilling.  If I then create a new kmy file, I still see an unsorted,
> > unsortable list, with correct Austrian schilling values.  I suppose
> > the "bad" symbol is stuck in my personal kmy file from some
> > historical time, and not really a problem now.  However, if I
> > complete the creation of a new kmy file, and then select
> > Tools/Settings, I get a list with ONLY the US Dollar.  I can hit the
> > "+ Add" button, and get the entire list, sorted correctly, but not
> > sortable, with correct Austrian schilling entry.
> > 
> > I'm willing to assume that Tools/Currencies should show only the
> > currencies used in the currently open kmy file, but I still don't
> > understand why when creating a new kmy file, the list is neither
> > sorted nor sortable.
> Things still don't seem correct.
> When I open my old kmy file and select Tools/Currencies, I see double
> entries for many currencies, such as Algerian Dinar and Aruban Florin.
> When creating a new file, the currency list is still not sorted - it
> goes from Afghanistan Afghani to Zimbabwe Dollar, then Gold, Palladium,
> Platinum, Silver, Austrian Schilling (correct symbol), and then 22
> more, ending with Turkish Lira (old).  With the new file open (only US
> Dollar selected as a currency) Tools/Currencies shows only US Dollar,
> but the complete correct list appears if I click "+ Add".
> My main concern at this time is why the initial list (when creating a
> new kmy file) is not sorted.  It is a long sorted list, a few sorted
> metals, then a separate sorted list.

Now fixed in 5.0



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