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Philip - Gmail (pmhenderson) pmhenderson at
Mon Jun 12 14:05:04 UTC 2017

I've been using KMyMoney for over a dozen years now and find it the best 
program for my needs.  Some of the features make KMyMoney a joy to use 
and are just so logical (to me anyway).  The improvements that have been 
made over the last few years have made it even better.  A great program.
Thank you to all the developers for a great piece of work.

Could I possibly make a suggestion for an additional feature?
I would find it very helpful if I could hide all 'finished' Scheduled 
Transactions.  Over time this list extends, requiring scrolling up and 
down to find a particular schedule; I'm aware you can filter by account, 
but there are times when I can't remember which account a particular 
schedule has been set up.  A simple check box would suffice to turn on 
or off finished schedules in the same way you can close an account, 
therefore cleaning up the interface.

Many thanks to you all.
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