[kmymoney4] [Bug 374352] Payee merge converts imported name containing string "Check" to existing Payee name "Check"

Peter J. Farley III bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sun Jan 1 19:19:55 UTC 2017


--- Comment #24 from Peter J. Farley III <pjfarley3 at earthlink.net> ---
(In reply to Thomas Baumgart from comment #23)
> Sorry, in this case your test case is wrong. To get what you want do
> I know, this is not an easy to use solution, but it will be the work-around
> for the 4.8 series. In KF5 my plan is to add a "Matching on name (exact)" or
> similar option to avoid regexp's for the 'normal' user.

This slightly modified method worked for me:

1) create new .kmy file
2) create new payee named "Check" and select "Matching on on a name listed
below" and enter "^Check$" into the list (w/o the quotes)
3) create import profile for "KMY_TST_BUG_374352.csv"
4) import "KMY_TST_BUG_374352.csv

Note I used Payee name "Check" instead of "Chec" and regular expression
"^Check$" instead of "^Chec$".  Test case succeeds and my larger 3-year import
worked correctly as well.

This is an acceptable solution for me.  I look forward to the KF5 version.

You might also consider making an additional doc update for the 4.x and KF5
versions (in your copious spare time . . . :) ) with examples of short Payee
names that match longer Payee names which have the short Payee name embedded in
the longer name would be helpful to other users, mentioning this technique as a

Thank you very much for your prompt and knowledgeable help.



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