A bug in the current stable release

Norbert Engels schoenes-rad at web.de
Sun Dec 17 20:10:06 UTC 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

Having obtained kmymoney 4.8.0-2 through the Synaptic Package Manager I
assume that this is the current stable version.  Trying to report bugs
or recommendations I run into snags when trying to do so using the
recommended Help/Submit Bug Report menu entry:

As can be seen the app lists the version as 4.8.0 also.  Once I login
to my account in bugs.kde.org I am presented with a message indicating

Sorry, either the product kmymoney4 does not exist or you aren't
authorized to enter a bug into it.

Ben Cooksley of kde.org whom I contacted about this issue tells me that
bugs for kmymoney are to be reported only under the generic subject
line "kmymoney" (see his enclosed mail).  That's great - but
unfortunately the application itself tries to direct users to a
different target which is kind of inconvenient.  Do you plan to rectify
this in a later update?
Please advise - and also please let me know what is the preferred
method of reporting bugs/suggesting changes or amendments.

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