Feature Request

MICHAEL PHILLIPS m1976phillips at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 19 03:08:47 UTC 2017

I requested this in the Bug reporter.

I am constantly needing the go back to banking web site to view checks for endorsement or to print for proof that a check has cleared the bank for various reasons.

Would it be possible to have the ability to attach image files to transactions in the register (ledger) for:
    * checks
    * deposits
    * Receipts

Each of these would make it easier in the realm of digital book keeping.

Also the ability to attach full Bank statements for ease of finding,  maybe at a global level or even having the abeility to Link to another directory on the PC or Network for the sake of conserving database file size.

I really do appreciate the work you do its a great program.  


Mike Phillips
m1976phillips at yahoo.com

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