[kmymoney] [Bug 378649] KMyMoney crashed while saving reports. Now cannot open KMyMoney .kmy file - "unable" to parse

CraigH bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Tue Apr 11 22:43:47 UTC 2017


--- Comment #3 from CraigH <anyzing at gmail.com> ---
Hi Luka

No backup "myFile.kmy.1~" file found.
I did not have "number of backups to keep" set (was 0).
Have recovered from a manual backup I made 3 hours previously, so don't
need to send you my .kmy file
My Current Version is 4.6.6-2 which is the only version in the repository
for Linux Mint 18.1. Not sure I want to try and install 4.8 from another

In Reports, the "convert values to base currencies" does not work properly.
Although I have updated the currencies and the window shows updated as at
today's date USD>NZ $1.4370, that rate is not used in reports.
The rate used in reports is  USD>NZ $1.2193.
I can report in USD but would prefer to have all reports in local currency
NZ $.
Should I log a bug for this issue?

Thank you for your prompt response.

Craig H

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