can't find lGpgmepp compiling git master under Kubuntu yakkety 16.10

Jack ostroffjh at
Sat Apr 8 21:29:30 UTC 2017


I'm (again) trying to  compile git master on Kubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety) and 
it's failing to find -lGpgmepp.  It appears what I have is -lkf5Gpgmepp, 
and kf5 is in all the relevant package names.  I don't even want to try 
simply creating a symlink, I'd rather find the problem. (I'm going to 
try starting from scratch, but it's a slow go in a VBox on a not very 
powerful laptop.)  In searching, it looks like the kf5 as part of the 
package name was only done for a few of the ubuntu releases, and not 
present before or after.  I'm wondering if the issue is some mismatched 
versions of cmake files with the gpg packages, or if one of the cmake 
packages (or files) is trying to pull in an older version of the library 
(or same version with an older name)?

Any thoughts?


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