Investment account and cash transactions

Jack ostroffjh at
Sun Apr 2 20:17:45 UTC 2017

I couldn't find a wishlist for this, so I just created one:

I don't think anyone has any theoretical (or bookkeeping) reasons not  
to do this, but it's just not a high priority, since the workaround is  
so easy.  In other words, Idon't think there is any current plan to  
remove the restriction, but only because of lack of programmer time.  I  
also suspect the original reason for this is lost in the mists of time  
(unless there are more extensive notes within the code) and if you were  
to propose a patch to lift the restriction, there would not likely be  
any objections.

One additional issue with removing the restriction is that not only do  
investment accounts need to be modified to allow cash, but all the  
reports for investment accounts will need to be modified to distinguish  
investment balance (shares time value for each security) from cash  
balance.  I suspect this might be easy in many cases, but any  
performance report might be more of a challange.

I don't use QIF, but with OFX imports from my broker, all cash  
transactions are simply applied to the brokerage account.  The only  
"gotcha" with this, is that the brokerage account must have the default  
name, which is the name of the investment account with " (Brokerage)"  
appended.  I'd be surprised if QIF imports don't do the same thing.  Or  
- is this related to the bug you mention?  If so, your patch to fix the  
bug is likely to be done sooner than the (larger) patch to allow cash  
in an investment account, unless you want to address both.


On 2017.04.02 08:44, Mark Jones wrote:
> I'm going to interpret the silence as no one in the current dev  
> community
> has plans to remove the restriction on investment accounts holding  
> cash.
> /Mark
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> > Hi developers,
> >
> > I see some comments in the 4.8 branch code stating that the  
> inability of
> > investment accounts to support a cash balance and transactions is a
> > temporary situation, suggesting that the restriction will be  
> removed in
> the
> > future. Is this still the plan?
> >
> > I ask because I'm looking at a QIF import bug where the fix is  
> complicated
> by
> > use of the brokerage account. Should I hold off working on a fix?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Mark

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