New OFX direct connect problem (BOA)

Jack ostroffjh at
Fri Sep 9 01:00:19 UTC 2016

I've been downloading transactions for my Bank of America credit card  
for months without problems, until a week or two ago, when I started  
getting "The file or folder does not exist."  On  
the console, I see

creating job
Job finished
Closing tempfile
Tempfile closed
Show error message
Finishing slotOfxFinished

which seems to show no response from the bank.  However, I have  
unmapped and successfully remapped the account (KMM OFX).  I have not  
yet tried wireshark to see if any packets are returning.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?  I've also posted at ofxhome, and  
I suppose I'll have to break down and call BOA - they won't take any  
help calls by email except for statement requests....

Thanks for any suggestions.


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