issues with frameworks version

Jack ostroffjh at
Tue May 31 21:19:29 UTC 2016

Just to clarify, the main strange thing about my configuration is that  
it is a mix of kde4 and kde5.  Since I'm still using the 4.7 branch of  
KMM, I need to keep the kde4 pim stuff around.  I've installed many of  
the frameworks and kde5 apps and utilities, but pim is still the one  
piece that cannot coexist.  Because of this, I'm installing each piece  
separately, since I can't use any of the "meta" packages to pull it all  
in at once.  I would love to see the KMM4 requirement on pim made  
optional, but at this point, I think developer time is better spend on  
completing the conversion rather than non critical changes to the old  

I'll start new threads for new problems.

On 2016.05.31 16:47, Christian Dávid wrote:
> Hi Jack,
> there is a good reason for the three option system (Auto, On and  
> Off). To
> compile a component (e.g. plugin) you can set it to ON. If some  
> prerequisites
> are accidentally missing (e.g. due to an incorrect configuration)  
> cmake will
> abort. This is especially important for automatic tests and automated  
> package
> creation. Just a note: The three way logic was implemented by the  
> KMyMoney
> devs, it is not part of CMake.
> You can post any issue here. If you think the issue is caused by your
> configuration and the description costs a lot of time you may want to  
> wait
> after the Randa meeting. Also, I think there should be no reason for a
> “strange” configuration anymore.
> Greetings
> Christian
> > Jack <ostroffjh at> hat am 30. Mai 2016 um 02:23
> geschrieben:
> >
> >
> > Well, if it's truly AUTO, then is there any reason for a manual
> > setting?  If so, then the setting should be OFF or AUTO, not OFF or
> > ON.  However, I that's really a meta-issue with cmake, not KMM.
> >
> > Also, although I've now successfully built the frameworks version, I
> > still have lots of issues - and I'm trying to work my way through  
> them
> > - figuring out if they are reall issues or just due to my strange
> > configuration.  How much effort should I expend before posting such
> > issues here?
> >

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