Review Request 128061: Fix precision of split value

Thomas Baumgart tbaumgart at
Mon May 30 18:10:30 UTC 2016

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Review request for KMymoney.

Bugs: 345655

Repository: kmymoney


The problem described in bug 345655 is caused by a fraction of the splits value that is larger than the fraction of the accounts currency. This leads to the effect, that values are displayed with correct value but the underlying value used for calculations is not equal to the amount displayed. This will end up in KMyMoney presenting the user strange messages like 'Unassigned value of 0.00' which do not make sense. The difference is in reality between 0 and 0.01, e.g. 0.008.

The attached patch resolves this problem by rounding the numbers to the correct fraction of the referrenced account.


  kmymoney/mymoney/mymoneyfile.h 0fd558b 
  kmymoney/mymoney/mymoneyfile.cpp 568675c 
  kmymoney/mymoney/mymoneyfiletest.h 657ed39 
  kmymoney/mymoney/mymoneyfiletest.cpp 810b15f 



Test case is part of the patch. It uses the values provided in the sample attached to the bug 345655 entry.


Thomas Baumgart

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