issues with frameworks version

Jack ostroffjh at
Mon May 30 00:23:18 UTC 2016

Well, if it's truly AUTO, then is there any reason for a manual  
setting?  If so, then the setting should be OFF or AUTO, not OFF or  
ON.  However, I that's really a meta-issue with cmake, not KMM.

Also, although I've now successfully built the frameworks version, I  
still have lots of issues - and I'm trying to work my way through them  
- figuring out if they are reall issues or just due to my strange  
configuration.  How much effort should I expend before posting such  
issues here?


On 2016.05.29 15:19, Cristian OneČ› wrote:
> The libical dependency is only used by the ical export plugin so it's
> not really a KMyMoney dependency. I think by default it's AUTO meaning
> that if found the plugin is built or skipped otherwise.
> I agree that a better feature optional dependency map would be useful.
> Regards,
> Cristian
> 2016-05-24 2:34 GMT+03:00 Jack <ostroffjh at>:
> > Since I finally got the latest gwenhywfar to compile, I was able to  
> get the
> > frameworks branch to compile and run.  However, think I don't fully
> > understand the optional dependency issues.
> >
> > In ccmake, I can turn ENABLE_LIBICAL to ON or OFF, and I see the  
> appropriate
> > change in the configure output.  (I have not actually tested what  
> changes in
> > the ultimate compiled KMM.)
> >
> > What I do see at the end of the configure output is:
> >  KDE PIM holidays:                        yes
> >  KDE PIM encryption:                      yes
> >  KDE PIM addressbook:                     no
> > (It also gave an expected warning that it did not find KF5Akonadi.)
> >
> > However - it is only the KF5PIM stuff (by my description) I don't  
> have.  I
> > DO have kholidays 16.04.1 installed.  (As far as I can tell,  
> Akonadi is a
> > hard requirement for the framework addressbook.)  This seems to  
> imply that
> > the holidays and the addressbook are really separate issues, and  
> also both
> > separate from the libical stuff.  Is there any reason to have a  
> manual
> > selection on LIBICAL?  Would it not make sense to treat it like the  
> holidays
> > and addressbook?  Include it if the library is found, and otherwise  
> not.
> >
> > Also, is there a good description of exactly what each of these  
> dependencies
> > allows or prevents in KMM by its presence or absense?
> >
> > Jack

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