[kmymoney4] [Bug 345655] Rounding problems between checking and investment account

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Wed May 25 18:04:38 UTC 2016


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Hi Jack,
first sorry for the typo and for being that impatient. It supposed to be "used"
and of course not "sued"!
I can understand that reworking towards the new framework takes resources.

I found two issues pointing to rounding problems in the data base. this seems
to match better with my experience. However I wonder how one can work with
investments not having problems with rounding? Actually I would not even have
figured out if I wasn't syncing my investment with my current account. There I
download a transaction let's say 100.00 €. unfortunately I cannot directly
download the transactions from my depot(no clue how to connect it to internet
banking is it was possible). Therefore I add a stock transaction manually using
my receipt from the bank e.g.
1stock for 99.9956€
The resulting payment shown in the depot is 100.00€ (correctly rounded)
When I try to match now the manual transaction with the downloaded I get an
error that they do not match because 100.00€ != 100.00€
You may say OK, delete the downloaded transaction and all is fine. But
internally it seems not to round the umbers since sooner or later the account
does not match anymore since the hidden digits sum up to >1ct.
For me this really makes using kmm a nightmare at the moment. 
Can u confirm that this is the same bug? Or do you have an idea how to work
I'd really appreciate any help here.

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