issues with frameworks version

Jack ostroffjh at
Mon May 23 23:34:01 UTC 2016

Since I finally got the latest gwenhywfar to compile, I was able to get  
the frameworks branch to compile and run.  However, think I don't fully  
understand the optional dependency issues.

In ccmake, I can turn ENABLE_LIBICAL to ON or OFF, and I see the  
appropriate change in the configure output.  (I have not actually  
tested what changes in the ultimate compiled KMM.)

What I do see at the end of the configure output is:
  KDE PIM holidays:                        yes
  KDE PIM encryption:                      yes
  KDE PIM addressbook:                     no
(It also gave an expected warning that it did not find KF5Akonadi.)

However - it is only the KF5PIM stuff (by my description) I don't  
have.  I DO have kholidays 16.04.1 installed.  (As far as I can tell,  
Akonadi is a hard requirement for the framework addressbook.)  This  
seems to imply that the holidays and the addressbook are really  
separate issues, and also both separate from the libical stuff.  Is  
there any reason to have a manual selection on LIBICAL?  Would it not  
make sense to treat it like the holidays and addressbook?  Include it  
if the library is found, and otherwise not.

Also, is there a good description of exactly what each of these  
dependencies allows or prevents in KMM by its presence or absense?


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