combine name and memo in memo on import

Jack ostroffjh at
Sun May 22 16:46:44 UTC 2016

I would like to be able to combine the name and memo fields of an OFX  
import into the KMM memo field.  My problem is that I have many vendors  
which I combine into a single KMM account - for example I have only one  
KMM account for gasoline, but import transaction from various gas  
stations.  They do import properly, but the name is lost, since the OFX  
memo only has the city.  I thought this was possible, but I haven't  
found any configuration setting, and I don't see an open wishlist for  
it (I'll add one if necessary.)

As a separate issue, while searching for this, I did find an open  
ticket at our old Sourceforge site  
( and with  
that, realized we probably need to review all those old ticket to see  
if any are still relevant, and convert them to new KDE bugs/wishlist  


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