[kmymoney4] [Bug 351874] QIF import of investment buys and sells mishandles commissions

Jeff via KDE Bugzilla bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Tue May 17 23:38:11 UTC 2016


--- Comment #13 from Jeff <jeffjl.kde at outlook.com> ---
>  With your suggested change, to remove the sign reversal, when the transaction imports, the result shows as a deposit of $8.77 (positive).  

In order for that 8.77 to properly become a payment instead of a deposit, I
have to restore the statement reader to its 6/28/2015 version as well as remove
the negative sign on the line in the QIF reader (and to make it all work, place
a negative sign on the "buy" case in the QIF importer). It then imports with a
warning triangle, but simply hitting "Edit" followed by the "Enter" fixes the
math and the warning goes away.  To remove the warning and have the whole thing
work would probably take some different change to the statement reader that I
have not pursued. (I'm guessing the 6/28/2015 statement reader has some
extraneous .abs() when it sets up the split and the transaction editor does
not, which is why the editor fixes it.)  

As I recall from my quick look, the current master branch version of the
statement reader makes assumptions about buys and sells and basically ignores
the signs on the incoming data. So you could change all the signs in the QIF
importer and the ledger results would not change.

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