[kmymoney4] [Bug 362139] CSV Importer asks the same question twice during profile deletion

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Tue May 17 18:04:21 UTC 2016


--- Comment #11 from NSLW <lukasz.wojnilowicz at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to allan from comment #10)
> (In reply to NSLW from comment #9)
> > (In reply to allan from comment #7)
> > > I think I've traced it, possibly,  to the recent fee patch.
> > > In investprocessing.cpp(), at circa line 1723 -
> > > tr.m_amount = tr.m_amount.abs() - m_trInvestData.fee.abs();
> > > appears to drop the sign.
> > 
> > I'm glad you did it and gave feedback. I apologize if something is broken
> > for you lately with CSV imports. 
> I don't have any problem, as I was using a test file, not live data.
> > I would like to help fixing that. Could you
> > send your problematic, anonymized CSV test file and explain me what result
> > you expect after importing?
> > As I understand, you've got two CashDividends: one negative and one
> > positive. Frankly I don't get it, shouldn't CashDividends be always
> > positive, as it its you who gets the cash?
> The test file is one I've used for several years, and originally I obtained
> it from another user.  At that time, I was developing the CSV investment
> handling and I found the file quite useful, as the data was not the usual
> straight-forward simple investment transactions.  I cannot now remember if
> the CashDividend with the negative amount was an original entry, or whether
> I modified it for the purpose.  My "justification/rationale" for the entry
> was that it was documenting a refund of an erroneous earlier transaction.  I
> suppose a "miscexp" would be similar (or perhaps not).  The file was from a
> US broker, who did produce some odd methods in his files.  As it's quite
> small, here it is below.
> "Trade Date","Settlement Date","Type","Description 1 ","Description
> 2","Symbol/CUSIP","Quantity","Price ($)","Amount ($)"
> "","2/24/2010","DividendAndInterest","Div","description","NECZX","","","504.
> 72"
> "","3/28/2010","Other","Div","description",""NECZX"","","","-504.72"

If it's some kind of "refund of an erroneous earlier transaction" then in my
opinion it's not CashDividend. I read more on dividends on folowing websites:

and I cannot find any real life situation where stockholder would pay money to
corporation under term dividend. Are you sure this case is real world case?

BTW. Do you've got more test files for CSV imports?

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