[kmymoney4] [Bug 351874] QIF import of investment buys and sells mishandles commissions

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Tue May 17 18:04:16 UTC 2016


--- Comment #10 from NSLW <lukasz.wojnilowicz at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Jack from comment #5)
> I import to investment accounts from OFX frequently, and it works just fine.
> (Well, mostly, but my problems are mainly in what my broker provides, not
> how KMM handles it, and I've complained about it in the past on the mailing
> list.)  I can probably provide some example files, but I'd have to choose
> carefully for ones that  don't show any of the problems.

I wonder how you test if OFX imports are correct? Is your test based only on
fact that KMM doesn't show you warning signs in ledger?

My problem with CSV was that buy and sell amounts with commissions were wrong
but warning sing was shown only for sell transactions. I patched CSV code in
such way that no warning sign was shown, but both buy and sell amounts still
were wrong. In my opinion, I tried every combination in CSV code to make
amounts right but I failed, so statement reader was to blame. 

I'm going to code on weekend, so your OFX file would help me embrace it all at
one time.

(In reply to Jeff from comment #6)
> There is still a problem with the QIF import with your change.  My test file
> also tested the case where the commission was greater than the proceeds from
> the sale (which can happen when trading options.)  Your fix changed a "sell"
> trade that actually cost money into one that brought in money. The example
> in my test file was the "sell" of the "NFLX Aug 18 2012 110.0 Call". The
> price is 0.02, times 100 shares = 2.00. The commission is 10.77.  So income
> of 2.00, outgo of 10.77 makes the total -8.77 (as shown in the U and T
> values in the QIF file).  The cash account should decrease by 8.77. Your
> change turned that into a positive 8.77, and increased the cash account. 
> This is admittedly a corner case, and I think I am the only KMM user that
> trades options because I have made a bunch of other changes to the KMM code
> to support that.

Now I see that too and it needs to be fixed. As you've said it's corner case
and I didn't take it into account.
Summarizing it: It didn't work for you in general case and corner case. Now it
works for you in general case but still not in corner case :)

(In reply to allan from comment #7)
> The OFX specification 2.0.3 includes -
> OFX supports download of security information and detailed investment
> account statements including
> transactions, open orders, balances, and positions.
> " plus a lot more in detail.
> Allan

Thanks for the info. It looks like I was searching in the wrong area.


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