[kmymoney4] [Bug 360129] CSV Importer doesn't recognize sell operation in Polish

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Mon Mar 14 16:25:01 UTC 2016


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(In reply to allan from comment #13)
> What I'm not sure about just now is whether, once the user has chosen to
> make a substitution, that new term is added to the resource file
> automatically.  It's a few ears since I wrote that code.

That's worth checking. That might be a second bug.

> I know no Polish financial terms.  If the Buy list contains a correct Polish
> term, then that I presume was added by the translator.  A possible
> explanation is that at line 161 (in my version) of investprocessing.cpp the
> following appears - "m_buyList += i18nc("verb", "buy");  //                 
> some basic entries in case rc file missing".  It may be that that was when
> the translation for Buy was added.  However, the next line is similar for
> the Sell operation, and that was not translated apparently.

All terms are and were translated.

> I would suggest that you include both noun and verb versions for Sell in
> your resource file.

I already have them and it works for me.

> > As it is now was also misleading to me, to today although I'm an fresh
> > KMyMoney user :) and translator, so maybe another suggestion will sound
> > better to an layman:
> > "Type of operation as in financial statement"
> > 
> That does sound more understandable, although it would have to be added to
> every transaction type.

I think you're right, is there any problem for it to be added to every
transaction type?

> > > So, apart from the fee query, are you now in business?
> > 
> > After manually editing csvimporterrc file, fee is imported just right for
> > all operations. What do you mean by me being in business?
> Apologies for that.  I'm extremely impressed by the general level of
> knowledge of English shown by the users, and developers, and I forget myself
> sometimes and lapse into the vernacular.  "being in business" is used to
> indicate that a problem has been solved and normal service may be resumed. 
> I hope it didn't cause offence.

No, none at all. You've suggested me a workaround and it worked for me as

> So far as your suggested patch is concerned, I'm not sure of its purpose. 
> The Subject is "[PATCH] Read operation's type explicitly as QStringList",
> and in it you add a number of QStringList definitions, which are already
> included in investprocessing.h, c. line 164.

I think that after my patch, every variable is defined anew locally, which I
think is not clean way to do this and doesn't remove the source of the problem,
but it works flawlessly.  After the patch my csvimporterrc is filled out
automatically with all the data whereas before the patch only BuyParam and
ReinvdivParam were filled out.
I tell you what, I'm going to see into the problem once again soon and I will
try to find its source, cause I really want it to see it fixed.

> Oh, and just as a post script, I've added "in Polish" to the bug heading, as
> the import operation is otherwise as expected.

I would say "in non-English"


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