[kmymoney4] [Bug 360129] CSV Importer doesn't recognize sell operation

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Sun Mar 6 11:36:31 UTC 2016


--- Comment #7 from allan <agander93 at gmail.com> ---
> Hi Allan,
> thanks for fast reply. Your description is good when it comes to Sell
> operations, but it is not so with Buy operations, because my Buy operations
> are recognized automatically and it seems that in this case KMyMoney
> understands Polish.

No, I'm afraid not!  But, it reminds me that there is a bit more to this than I
indicated.  It's a while since I've been in this area.

When importing investment files from different institutions, It was obvious
that they had varying ideas as how to describe investment types.  To allow for
this, In the importer resource file, I've allowed for alternative versions to
be added to a list for each investment type.  I did not at that stage even
consider non-English versions, but happily they can be added in the same way. 
I have no idea why 'Kupno' is recognised and 'Sprzedaż' is not.  Both are
foreign to me!  All I can think is that the Polish translator has added 'Kupno'
to that file, and I'm interested to know, if you would look for me.

The file-name is csvimporterrc, and it should be found in your home directory,
under /.kde/share/config/csvimporterrc (it could be .kde4....).  Look for the
section corresponding to the new profile you created, like
[Profiles-your-profile], then within that look for 'BuyParam=xxx' and see if
'Kupno' appears.  Similarly, there will be a 'SellParam' section.  You could
edit that and add 'Sprzedaż' minus quotes, and close and restart the csv
plugin, to see if that helps.  It might help also, to read the section in the
user guide on importing csv files.

> Surprisingly all transactions are invalid if I've got Sell and Buy in CVS in
> English. Please read my additional information from the beginning.
> Besides wouldn't it be good if KMyMoney would ask only to identify
> unrecognized operation type? 
An excellent idea, and with the edited I mentioned above, that is how it should

Let me know how that goes.


> Łukasz

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