[kmymoney4] [Bug 360129] CSV Importer doesn't recognize sell operation

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Sun Mar 6 06:54:31 UTC 2016


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(In reply to allan from comment #4)
> After your step 10 above, the CSV Importer window displays the first
> transaction as an Invalid Transaction Type, because the importer does not
> understand Polish, so it gives you the opportunity to select what type of
> activity 'Sprzedaż' really is, in KMyMoney language.  In the drop-down, you
> need to select Sell Shares, this being one of the activity types that match
> the values - quantity, price, amount - that are in that transaction.  You
> should see now that the Type is Sell.  As this transaction type involves
> money, you next need to enter the name of the checking/brokerage account you
> wish to use.  The next transaction follows a similar path, with 'Kupno' as
> the activity type.  So, for this you need to select Buy Shares.  The
> remaining transactions follow the same course.
> I notice that the Buy transactions imported show as unbalanced, with a
> missing assignment of 6,00.  It rather looks as though the fee is getting
> the wrong sign, which I'll need to have a look into.
> If any of that is unclear, please let me know.  If you think the handbook
> needs expanding, also, please say how.
> Allan

Hi Allan,
thanks for fast reply. Your description is good when it comes to Sell
operations, but it is not so with Buy operations, because my Buy operations are
recognized automatically and it seems that in this case KMyMoney understands
Surprisingly all transactions are invalid if I've got Sell and Buy in CVS in
English. Please read my additional information from the beginning.

Besides wouldn't it be good if KMyMoney would ask only to identify unrecognized
operation type? 


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