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Sat Dec 31 14:56:20 UTC 2016

Hi Lukasz,

(I took this off the bugtracker on 

thanks to my local mail archive, I was able to find the reason that we had 
back in 2008 with the QIF importer. The reported problem caused me to change 
the code to the version you see at

on line 813 on the left pane. This in fact caused some trouble for another 
user, which made me change the code to the way it is today (the version on the 
right pane)

Since the code is working for 8 years now, I somehow try to avoid to change 
the behavior of the application. 

Here are those links to the conversations in 2008:

As proposed by Brendan, we could add a new option to exactly match on the 
payee name and make that the default for newly created payees during import. 
That is what I proposed in #374352 as well. The current code and UI only allow 
us to do that via RegExps. I would not want to change the UI for 4.8.1. In the 
KF5 version, we can safely add a new option and internally store it as RegExp 
so that it even is backward compatible. 



Thomas Baumgart

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