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Mark Jones mark at
Fri Dec 9 14:39:10 UTC 2016

On 2016-12-08 08:58 AM, aga wrote:
> On 08/12/16 01:00, Mark Jones wrote:
>> [Reposting from KDE forum since this is a question for the devs]
>> Hi,
>> I have just finished importing several years of Quicken data into kmymoney.
>> My thanks to the developers for this impressive Quicken Killer. Great job!
>> As reported in bug #343256, I noticed that investment transactions of type
>> "ReinvInt" in the QIF file were ignored and I had to import them separately
>> from a CSV file. The investment income type (Dividend vs Interest) is
>> treated differently for tax purposes where I live so I need to track this
>> in the transaction. I downloaded the kmymoney source code and have
>> implemented the fix to support "ReinvInt" but I have a couple of questions
>> about the "Reinvest Dividend" activity.
>> The "Reinvest Dividend" activity has a category selection drop down labeled
>> "Interest" and I find the terminology in this dialog confusing. To my
>> understanding, a security generates income of various types. The income
>> type is important because it often has a tax impact for the investor. As
>> dividends and interest are two different income types, this dialogue would
>> make more sense to me if the activity was labeled "Reinvest income" and the
>> category drop down was labeled "Income Type" rather than "Interest". Am I
>> missing something? What was the intent of the "Interest" category?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Mark
> Hi Mark
> I'm not sure if wires are a bit crossed here?
> is, as in its Subject,
> specific to the KF5 version, and also specific to CSV importing rather
> than QIF.

Hi Allan,

It does sound like our wires got crossed but I'm not sure how/where. 
Perhaps it is best to briefly explain how I got here. I installed the 
latest version of kmymoney that I could find (4.8.0) and proceeded to 
import the QIF files that I'd exported from Quicken 2014. I discovered 
that investment transactions of type "ReinvInt" were ignored during the 
import so I checked the KDE bug tracking system and discovered bug 
#343256 which exactly described my issue, namely "Import of Quicken QIF 
file ignores transaction type NReinvInt". I noticed that the bug was 
still open so I downloaded the 4.8.0 source code and added support for 
"ReinvInt" to the MyMoneyQifReader class. This is my first time trying 
to contribute code back to an Open Source project so forgive me if have 
committed some faux pas here. I meant well. :)

> That aside, it does appear that "ReinvInt" is not, and possibly never
> has been, supported.  If you wish, you could submit your patch to our
> reviewboard from where it may be possible to incorporate them.  It is
> most likely that this would be in the KF5 version, which has not yet
> been released.  I'm assuming that your requirement is for the income to
> purchase further stock?

I'd be happy to commit the fix to whatever branch is appropriate though 
I may need some coaching through the process (perhaps via the IRC 
channel?). You are connect in stating that the income in the form of 
"Interest" is being reinvested to purchase more shares.

> I suspect that the use of 'income' here is a generic term, used to
> signify that money has been earned.  The 'income' field may be completed
> with, say, _IntInc, or any other suitable category type.
> Allan

Exactly. The investment generates 'income' and this income is used to 
purchase more shares/units. Quicken differentiates the type of 
reinvested income (Dividend/Interest/Capital Gain) because it is taxed 
differently in the hands of the investor (at least here in Canada where 
we report it annually on our tax return). This is why the field labeled 
"Interest" on the "Reinvest Dividend" activity dialogue is confusing and 
I think it should have been "Income Type". kmymoney still functions as 
it should (with the fix for ReinvInt) and this was just a question about 
the choice of "Interest" as label. The tax man is unforgiving on the 
correct reporting of these income types. :)


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