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Thu Dec 8 01:00:22 UTC 2016

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I have just finished importing several years of Quicken data into kmymoney.
My thanks to the developers for this impressive Quicken Killer. Great job!

As reported in bug #343256, I noticed that investment transactions of type
"ReinvInt" in the QIF file were ignored and I had to import them separately
from a CSV file. The investment income type (Dividend vs Interest) is
treated differently for tax purposes where I live so I need to track this
in the transaction. I downloaded the kmymoney source code and have
implemented the fix to support "ReinvInt" but I have a couple of questions
about the "Reinvest Dividend" activity.

The "Reinvest Dividend" activity has a category selection drop down labeled
"Interest" and I find the terminology in this dialog confusing. To my
understanding, a security generates income of various types. The income
type is important because it often has a tax impact for the investor. As
dividends and interest are two different income types, this dialogue would
make more sense to me if the activity was labeled "Reinvest income" and the
category drop down was labeled "Income Type" rather than "Interest". Am I
missing something? What was the intent of the "Interest" category?

Thanks in advance
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