Why do this?

aga agander93 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 18:56:19 UTC 2016

I'm puzzled again, or perhaps, just curious.

Sometimes, when I import a CSV checking transaction, the ledger shows
the correct amount, but also shows the transaction as unbalanced.

When I open the transaction, it shows as a split, but the amount is
different, and the difference shows as unassigned.  In fact, this new
amount is from another transaction for the same payee, but in this case
occurring four months later.

If I edit the amount shown in the split dialog, all now appears as
correct, but why is this necessary, when the correct amount is already
at hand?

In mymoneystatementreader.cpp(), from circa line 1076, there is a comment, -
"Fill in other side of the transaction (category/etc) based on payee..."
and -
"We'll search for the most recent transaction in this account with
      // this payee.  If this reference transaction is a simple 2-split
      // transaction, it's simple.  If it's a
completransactionUnderImportx split, and the amounts
      // are different, we have a problem.  Somehow we have to balance the
      // transaction.  For now, we'll leave it unbalanced, and let the user
      // handle it."

So, it's not difficult for the user to correct, but why?  It just seems
to be unnecessary work.  What has been achieved?


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