[kmymoney4] [Bug 361876] Poor database performance after update

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"Does it get faster again if you just wait long enough (like one or two

"What exactly did you do before it slows down?"
I navigate between account ledgers and the scheduled transactions.  I enter a
few transactions and process scheduled transactions.  Nothing major IMO.  I
feel the application is getting slower as I go because its loading everything
in the ledgers as my reconciled transactions are displayed (not hidden) so
every time I enter a ledger, everything is displayed.

"Does is slow down if you just open KMyMoney and do nothing for some time?"
Yes.  I launched KMM, worked with the DB for a while (perhaps for an hour),
then I let it "sit" for another hour or so, and came back to it.  I can confirm
it was much slower and less responsive than before I take a break.  Even the
GUI was slow to resume operation from a reduced state in the taskbar.

Other observations:
While KMM seems to hang or become unresponsive, htop reports CPU usage around
10% (on one core out of four). RAM doesnt fluctuate much, but other
applications are failing to launch until KMM becomes responsive once again.  By
fail to launch, I mean nothing happens until KMM becomes responsive then my
application launches normally..

Also while working, if I collapse the sections in accounts and scheduled
transactions, navigating is noticeably quicker.

This is a little profiling I just did:
Launching KMM and loading the database: extremely quick
Navigating: initially quick, becoming slower as I go
Opening a ledger: slow (8 seconds for a ledger with 45 transactions...)
Opening the config dialog box for a graph report: 8sec
Closing the report: 8 sec

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