Review Request 127679: Change .ui files that use KDialog as the dialog class to QDialog

Mitch Frazier mitch at
Sun Apr 17 23:14:13 UTC 2016

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Review request for KMymoney.

Repository: kmymoney


KDialog does not work well with Qt Designer.

Changing the widget class from KDialog to QDialog is generally
all that's required.  Even though changing from KDialog to
QDialog does remove the OK and Cancel buttons in Designer,
these are added automatically because the dialog class itself
is still KDialog and it by default adds these buttons.

One of the dialogs did require the adding of a setButtons() call
to the constructor to place additional buttons on the dialog
that were previously specified in the .ui file.

Before and after screenshots show what the kfindtransactiondlgdecl.ui
file looks like in Qt Designer before with KDialog and after with QDialog.

Note that one of the dialogs, ksplittransactiondlgdecl.ui appears to
be unused and can probably be deleted, although I did not test that.


  kmymoney/dialogs/kcurrencycalculatordecl.ui 0bcfd40 
  kmymoney/dialogs/kcurrencyeditdlgdecl.ui 1527455 
  kmymoney/dialogs/kfindtransactiondlg.cpp 7603007 
  kmymoney/dialogs/kfindtransactiondlgdecl.ui 44fa861 
  kmymoney/dialogs/kmymoneypricedlgdecl.ui a484504 
  kmymoney/dialogs/ksortoptiondlg.ui e7e28e5 
  kmymoney/dialogs/ksplitcorrectiondlg.ui fb6d337 
  kmymoney/dialogs/ksplittransactiondlgdecl.ui 6b1c706 



Tested the affected dialogs for correct look and function.

File Attachments

Before KDialog
After QDialog


Mitch Frazier

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