[kmymoney4] [Bug 361876] Poor database performance after update

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Sun Apr 17 13:43:47 UTC 2016


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Hello Christian,

it is difficult to tell.  For starters, my database has been quick for several
years, until I had a recent issue with memo not recording what I manually
entered in them (from the scheduled transactions).  I was suggested to try
4.7.2, this is when the DB became notoriously slower, but at that time, KMM
(doing a consistency check) found several hundred errors which fixed 99% of
them (a few still need manual fix).

I may revert to a local file.  I must however mention that the database back
end is of pretty good performance, running on a Centos server with MariaDB
(InnoDB) and 2x RAID1 SAS 15k600 Hitachi enterprise hard drives.  The InnoDB
buffer has over 24GB of dedicated RAM.

Im not sure if there's a test that would simulate KMM's workload towards the
database server but it would be useful.  I noticed the "Performance-Test" menu
entry in KMM (Tools menu), what does it do?  I ran it but I get no message or
any other output from that...

I need also to ask:  right now I am working with 4.6.4 (sorry all that time I
said 4.6.2 I meant 4.6.4, I got mixed up in the version numbers).  Should I
permanently move to 4.7.2 and go from there?

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