Suddenly building trouble on OSX for kmymoney's KDE4 master

Christian David christian-david at
Sun Apr 17 09:37:40 UTC 2016

Hi Marko,

I checked it. The current tar.gz with version 4.15.2beta does not include the current cmake-config files which are required by KMyMoney. I do not know why, they were pushed to git some time ago.

Moving to AqBanking’s mailinglist should be the best.


> Marko Käning <mk-lists at> hat am 17. April 2016 um 11:19 geschrieben:
> Hi Christian,
> On 17 Apr 2016, at 11:10 , Christian David <christian-david at> wrote:
> > The missing ...config.cmake files were added recently. Maybe they were not added to the port (I do not know how macports work)?!
> I am pulling the source tgz’s from upstream directly. So, these files should be in there, no?
> But perhaps they’re generated and OSX has been forgotten up to now…
> OK, will direct my question to AqBanking’s ML.
> Greets,
> Marko

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